How To Contour and Highlight (Drugstore)

Hey guys!! So everyone loves the defined cheeks and highlighted cheekbones, I wanted to show you guys how you can create that look using drugstore cream products! Technically you can use any drugstore concealers to achieve this or even foundations, you don’t need the ones I used. BUT I will say I am so in love and impressed with the La girl Pro concealers. As I am typing this blog I still have a full face of makeup on that I applied today at 1:00pm and I don’t look like a hot mess with creases or anything! I am loving these products and am super impressed. I’m a powder contour kind of girl so this today definitely impressed me!! I hope you guys enjoy this video and that I could inspire you to try some new drugstore products out. If you want makeup deets, scroll down! Don’t forget to checkout the video and Subscribe!! Bye loves!

P.S I’m thinking about making a blog post about some of my favorite skincare items! If you guys are interested let me know 🙂



    It still blows my mind the power of makeup and how much slimmer contouring makes me look!!


So, I wasn’t able to find a drugstore highlight so if you are like me just improvise!! I used my morphe palette and used two foiled shadows one was more pearly and the other was a champagne color and mixed together gave this beautiful glow! Here’s an example of a palette you can use. MORPHE PALETTE




Milani Foundation
La girl pro concealer – natural, pure beige, toast
Milani baked bronzer
Milani Luminoso
Nyx Nude Tude Blush
Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

Nyx Liquid Suede Sandstorm
Anastasia Gilded Lipgloss

Till Next time!!